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Sis. Amelia Hall, President Emeritus

President Emeritus Amelia Lucile Hall

Born in Western North Carolina in the early 1900s, Amelia Lucile Hall loved her family and she loved to dance. Learning to tap dance at three years old, she looked to her Uncle Hubert Liner as her inspiration. When he gave his heart to the Lord and became a minister, a desire was placed deep in her heart to serve the Lord, a desire superseding all other aspirations.

Raised in the Methodist faith, young Amelia had a dream of a tall, slender boy who would become her husband. Then one Sunday afternoon, she attended a prayer meeting—it was love at first sight. H. Richard Hall made his way to the pretty, petite young lady who had caught his eye. He asked if he could walk her home—that was the beginning of their relationship.

Amelia began attending the Church of God in Canton, North Carolina where young Hall was a member. They often talked about the Lord and their hunger for more of God in their lives. As a young child in the Methodist church, Amelia had seen many manifestations of the true power of God. She wanted to experience a true move of God—not in a group—but in her spirit. She remembers hungering for God’s move, needing this move like we need food for our bodies to live. As she began to know H. Richard Hall, she realized—this was a young man who loved God and had the same hunger for God that she had.

H. Richard Hall soon asked Amelia—the love of his life—to be his wife. Together, as a team, they dreamed and envisioned making a difference for Jesus. Their destiny was before them and they were eager to step into it by faith.

They worked together to make enough monetarily to do the Lord’s work. Working in area plants, they saved their money. They soon moved to Virginia, where H. Richard Hall (better known as Brother Hall) worked in the shipyard. They hoped to make enough money to buy a car for evangelism.

While there, Amelia was invited to preach in a church in Canton, Georgia. Brother Hall agreed that this was God’s will, so Amelia traveled with the pastor, Brother A.G. Byrd and his wife to Georgia and began preaching the Word of God. She actually believed that whatever the Bible said—that was what it meant. She began preaching on “signs following the believers.”

Amelia (now known as Sister Hall) preached each night and many thought she was a seasoned minister the anointing was so great.

The Byrds had a nice house, but no finances. Sister Byrd had hardly any food to prepare for their meals—but she had lots of peaches. So, each day she would prepare peach cobblers. Sister Hall sure enjoyed having to eat delicious peach cobblers every day.

Soon Brother and Sister Hall returned to his hometown of Canton, North Carolina. They were asked to run another revival in Georgia. As they sang a song the first night, 21 individuals came to the altar and were saved. The song was given to Sister Hall by the Lord: “Backslider, Today Come Back!” This was one of many songs written by Sister Hall under the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

As the Halls moved through the Southeast region, working for the kingdom of God, revival went with them—Rossville, GA, Acworth, GA, the streets of Jasper, GA. Brother Hall began attending the Atlanta Institute of Speech and Expression. Then disaster struck—he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and ordered to bed rest for three months. With no home, they returned to Sister Hall’s mother’s home. Sister Hall sold religious pictures in order to provide raw eggs and milk—the only food Brother Hall could tolerate. In freezing weather, Amelia stood on the street selling items—but she was not just standing as a salesperson—she was determined that the ministry of H. Richard Hall would not stop. Sister Hall declared, “I was determined to do what God had ordained me to do—to stand by the ministry of Bro. H. Richard Hall.”

Brother Hall received his healing in the little room he occupied. God spoke audibly and said, “I have healed you.” He immediately got up out of the bed and walked to the bus stop (over one and a half miles) and proceeded to a little church where Sister Hall had been holding revival meetings. There he preached that very night.

138 BH SH aThe Halls began evangelizing again, conducting a radio broadcasts in various areas of the country. Often they relied on money made from selling items door-to-door to get finances. They evangelized all across this great nation—California, New York, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Mississippi—in 37 states.

Brother Hall was a great man of God and Sister Hall stood with him in his ministry. But, as Brother Hall had his anointing, Sister Hall knew God was leading her into additional avenues of ministry.

While pastoring a church in Texas, God laid it on Amelia’s heart to go into barrooms and dance halls and distribute gospel tracts. Brother Hall would take Sister Hall into town and wait in the car as she gave out tracts. Many lives were changed through this seemingly small gesture. Once a man asked to talk to Sister Hall regarding a tract, “What Must I Do to Be Saved?” This man was a back-slidden Holiness preacher. He went outside with her where they met with Brother Hall. The man repented and came back to the Lord on the spot—right on the street. God honors obedience. When others might think they are too good to enter such a place, Sister Hall obeyed God and was rewarded with many souls—lives changed and added to the kingdom.

Soon Brother and Sister Hall were asked by the Church of God of Prophecy to become overseers in the missionary states of Colorado and Utah where they labored together for four years. Sister Hall never ceased to fulfill the charge God had given her—to distribute gospel tracts in barrooms and dance halls. In four years time, Amelia had given out over one million tracts.

Once a bartender saw Sister Hall coming and ran to the door to lock her out. As she tried the door, tears rolled down her face—she was brokenhearted. Young and totally out of her element, she was still determined to obey God and the call on her life. She went immediately to the next door. A testimony was given that one of the kitchen workers who saw the tract on a tray gave his heart to God. She had felt neglected and cast aside when they wouldn’t receive her in the first establishment, but in the next place, God gave a reward. Sister Hall, still today, declares, “It pays to keep on for God and not stop when He has anointed you and called you to do a work for Him. When one door is closed there is always a better door God is going to open. We must learn to trust God.”

Once while driving through Kansas on their way to the General Assembly in Cleveland, Sister Hall said, “Brother Hall, I feel led to give out some tracts here if you don’t mind stopping for about an hour.” She came upon a young man on the street and attempted to give him a gospel tract. He tore up the tract and started mocking by saying, “Maybe you can save me.” He ridiculed Sister Hall. She continued to distribute tracts until she saw Brother Hall calling to her. She made her way to him and he said, “Sister Hall, do you remember the boy you gave a tract to on the street?” “He’s lying under a train, cut in two.” He had received his last call. When they looked at his ID they realized—he was a minister’s son.

Young Sister Hall and Don Warren

Together, the Halls traveled taking the Gospel across this great country preaching Jesus—with signs following. They preached in churches, in great tents, in auditoriums, while sleeping in churches, in their car and on tent platforms. As they continued to obey the call of God—God blessed their ministry. Traveling with them was a young lad, Donald Warren. At the young age of 13, Brother Hall approached him on the street and asked him to play his guitar in his meetings. More like a son than a fellow laborer, Donald Warren has worked alongside Brother and Sister Hall tirelessly. Today he hold the office of President of United Christian Church and Ministerial Association.

While in Colorado after much fasting and prayer, God gave Brother Hall a vision of a worldwide ministry. He told him to go preach to all nationalities and that He would give him a Spirit of healing. They were to preach to the sheep who were not of this fold.

Brother and Sister Hall and Don returned to Cleveland, Tennessee and resigned from their post. They were stepping into the unknown—a place known only to God. Sister Hall wept all night. She recalls, “It was hard, but I knew we had to obey the voice of God or be held accountable for disobeying.”

They began their ministry in an office in their home they had built on Virginia Avenue. They soon built a little block building in back of the house for their office. With a dirt floor and no heat, the ceiling was made from an old platform used in a tent revival. From these humble beginnings began United Christian—a ministry birthed to unite all Christians by faith.

From that beginning in the 1950s their goal was to reach ministers who shared their vision to reach the lost in every continent of the world. Today, that vision has come forth. United Christian Church and Ministerial Assoc. ministers are covering the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. With over 20,000 ministers and over 300 subordinate churches, United Christian’s goal remains the same—to reach the lost at any cost.

In a vision, Brother and Sister Hall was shown faces—black faces—who were hungry for the Word and for the salvation only found through Jesus Christ. They responded with a new determination to take the gospel to the islands of the sea. They took the revival team to the island of Jamaica in the West Indies. The people there were poverty-stricken, but they knew they needed God. The first night of the revival the hearing and speech impaired were healed miraculously. Talk of this revival was spread throughout the area. A second trip to Jamaica brought about great miracles, as well.

Sis. Hall and Bishop Albert Hepburn, The Bahamas

Then Brother and Sister Hall took their team to the Bahamas. Many miracles were realized. Sister Amelia Lucile Hall once again was given a vision for ministry specific to her calling. Since those revival trips in the early days of United Christian, Sister Amelia Hall has been diligent in her call to take the Jesus ministry to the Bahamas. The Bahamians love her and call to her, “Momma Hall, Momma Hall.” For you see, she has become their spiritual mother—a mother not by flesh and blood—but through the Spirit of God.

During the last few years Sister Hall has not been able to make her annual trips to the Bahamas, but her spiritual children come each year to the Annual United Christian Campmeeting here in Cleveland. And each time they behold her, they cry once again, “Momma Hall!”

From a young girl in the hills of Carolina to being the matriarch of a worldwide ministry family, Sister Amelia Lucile Hall remains determined to fulfill the vision she first saw many, many years ago. In her eyes, it remains just as clear as the day she made her first step into her destiny alongside her husband, Rev. H. Richard Hall. She has never stopped along the way—she is focused on the end when Jesus will say, “Well done.”

Today, July 5, 2007, we honor Sister Amelia Lucile Hall as our mother in the Lord. We honor the life she has lived above reproach. We honor the Holiness highway she has worked and made easier for us. We honor the difference she has made in our lives. Thank you, Sister Hall.

(Taken from a brochure printed to honor Sis. Hall during Campmeeting 2007).